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AXTEN, EDWIN       Married 1862       PAYNE, SARAH
AXTEN, ELLEN       Married 1916       GARMENT, HEDLEY
AXTEN, ELSIE       Married 1915       HILL, HARRY
AXTEN, ESTHER       Married 1809       STYLES, FRANCIS
AXTEN, FRANK       Married 1903       CARTMALE AXTEN, SARAH
AXTEN, GEORGE       Married 1944       AVERY, MARGARET
AXTEN, GEORGE       Married 1905       PUSEY, RUTH
AXTEN, HENRY       Married 1877       BEESON, ELIZABETH
AXTEN, HENRY       Married 1836       UNKNOWN, ROSANNAH
AXTEN, HENRY       Married 1861       WARE, MARY
AXTEN, JANE       Married 1886       AXTEN, EDWIN

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