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AXTELL, IDELLA       Married 1971       KLENKE, LLOYD
AXTELL, ILIE       Married 1894       SMITH, OSCAR
AXTELL, IMRI       Married 1848       WARNER, EMELINE
AXTELL, INA       Married 1903       SWART, EDWARD
AXTELL, INEZ       Married 1987       KISER, KARL
AXTELL, IONA       Married 1942       BUTLER, LESTER
AXTELL, IRENA       Married 1848       CHASE, ASHER
AXTELL, IRENE       Married 1886       BAILEY, MARTIN
AXTELL, IRENE       Married 1848       CHASE, ASHER
AXTELL, IRENE       Married 1924       MALLORY, HAROLD
AXTELL, IRENE       Married 1920       MOKINSTER, A

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