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ARD, CHARLES       to       ARD, CHERYL
ARD, CHERYL       to       ARD, CLAY
ARD, CLEVELAND       to       ARD, CRAIG
ARD, CYNTHIA       to       ARD, DAISY
ARD, DALE       to       ARD, DARYL
ARD, DAVID       to       ARD, DAVID
ARD, DAVID       to       ARD, DELTA
ARD, DELTA       to       ARD, DIANE
ARD, DIXIE       to       ARD, DORIS
ARD, DOROHY       to       ARD, EARL
ARD, EARL       to       ARD, ELIJAH
ARD, ELIZABETH       to       ARD, ELLEN
ARD, ELLEN       to       ARD, ERASTUS
ARD, ERASTUS       to       ARD, EURINA
ARD, EUZEMA       to       ARD, FELICA
ARD, FLEMING       to       ARD, FORT
ARD, FORT       to       ARD, GENE
ARD, GENE       to       ARD, GEORGE
ARD, GEORGE       to       ARD, GLYNN
ARD, GRACE       to       ARD, HARLAN
ARD, HARLEY       to       ARD, HARVEY
ARD, HATTIE       to       ARD, HOWARD
ARD, HOWARD       to       ARD, IRENE
ARD, IRENE       to       ARD, JACKIE

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