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ARCHIE, LOUIS       Married 1968       ARCHIE, WANDA
ARCHIE, LOUISE       Married 1891       BINKLEY, JAMES
ARCHIE, LOVEADA       Married 1978       GLOVER, JIMMIE
ARCHIE, LOVERA       Married 1977       BOLDS, WESLEY
ARCHIE, LUCINDA       Married 1845       JOHNS, WILLIAM
ARCHIE, LUCIOUS       Married 1900       FINLEY, GENEVA
ARCHIE, LUTRENA       Married 2000       DAVIDSON, AUTHOR
ARCHIE, LYNETTE       Married 1991       ATKINSON, JACK
ARCHIE, LYNETTE       Married 2000       MCAFEE, MICHAEL
ARCHIE, MADELINE       Married 1968       DICKERSON, JAMES
ARCHIE, MADELINE       Married 1944       HOLT, EUGENE
ARCHIE, MADELINE       Married 1976       HOPSON, JIMMY
ARCHIE, MADELINE       Married 1975       KOSIK, GLENN
ARCHIE, MADGELINE       Married 1976       SUIRE, DENNIS
ARCHIE, MAE       Married 1936       BROWN, ALBERT
ARCHIE, MAE       Married 1922       KILPATRICK, WILLIAM
ARCHIE, MAE       Married 1905       WYATT, GEORGE

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