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ARCHIE, IDA       Married 1860       KNIGHT, JAMES
ARCHIE, IDALYN       Married 1976       JONES, FELTON
ARCHIE, II       Married 1993       JACKSON, TRACIA
ARCHIE, ILEASE       Married 1998       COLEMAN, WILLIAM
ARCHIE, ILEASE       Married 1987       HART, MONTY
ARCHIE, IMAGENE       Married 1987       DODD, RALPH
ARCHIE, IRIS       Married 1988       JACKSON, DARBY
ARCHIE, IRIS       Married 2000       JONES, RODNEY
ARCHIE, ISABELLA       Married 1888       FERRIES, JAMES
ARCHIE, ISABELLA       Married 1876       INGRAM, JAMES
ARCHIE, ISHMEAL       Married 1894       JONES, CAROLINE
ARCHIE, ISIAH       Married 1993       WILLIAMS, GAYLA
ARCHIE, IWONA       Married 1982       JOHNSON, ROBERT
ARCHIE, JACKIE       Married 1974       GLOSSON, JOE
ARCHIE, JACKIE       Married 1971       REYNOLDS, DANNIE
ARCHIE, JAMES       Married 1902       ALPHIN, BURNETTA
ARCHIE, JAMES       Married 1968       ARCHIE, BONITA
ARCHIE, JAMES       Married 1993       ARCHIE, YAVERNETTE

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