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ARCHIE, ANN       Married 1937       WATSON, FREDERICK
ARCHIE, ANN       Married 1966       ZETAR, EARL
ARCHIE, ANNA       Married 1948       BOWMAN, GUY
ARCHIE, ANNA       Married 1803       COUCH, SAMUEL
ARCHIE, ANNE       Married 1937       WATSON, FREDERICK
ARCHIE, ANNETTE       Married 1997       RICHARDSON, DAVID
ARCHIE, ANNIE       Married 1899       BUSTETTER, CHARLES
ARCHIE, ANNIE       Married 1968       JACKSON, WALTER
ARCHIE, ANTHONY       Married 1987       HOWARD, MERLE
ARCHIE, APRIL       Married 1974       GRANT, HOWARD
ARCHIE, ARCHER       Married 1910       UNKNOWN, NOLA
ARCHIE, ARCHER       Married 1905       WOOLEY, CORA
ARCHIE, ARCHIE       Married 1902       ALPHIN, BURNETTA
ARCHIE, ARIE       Married 1982       LAVERGNE, ROBERT
ARCHIE, ARRIE       Married 1907       RITTER, GREEN
ARCHIE, ARTHUR       Married 1890       CHANDLER, FANNY
ARCHIE, ARTHUR       Married 1993       CYR, NICHOL

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