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ARCHER, XAN       Married 1998       COOPER, CHRISTINA
ARCHER, YEWLETT       Married 1897       LYONS, ELIZABETH
ARCHER, YIVES       Married 1901       ARCHER, ANNIE
ARCHER, YIVES       Married 1902       SOMERVILLE, ANNA
ARCHER, YIVES       Married 1901       UNKNOWN, ANNIE
ARCHER, YOUNG       Married 1886       SECREST, ABRAHAM
ARCHER, YVONNE       Married 1965       ARCHER, LEONARD
ARCHER, YVONNE       Married 1949       CABLE, ROBERT
ARCHER, ZACHARIAH       Married 1789       KILGORE, JANE
ARCHER, ZACHARIAH       Married 1874       WINANS, SARAH
ARCHER, ZADA       Married 1941       DUNHAM, FRANCIS
ARCHER, ZANE       Married 1989       ARCHER, ROSE
ARCHER, ZEDIA       Married 1941       JOLLY, JOHN
ARCHER, ZELLA       Married 1908       CLAYBAUGH, FRANK
ARCHER, ZELLA       Married 1913       CLAYBAUGH, FRANK
ARCHER, ZELLA       Married 1932       HOFMANN, JOHN
ARCHER, ZELLA       Married 1974       WASHINGTON, MACK
ARCHER, ZELMA       Married 1921       KELLER, JAMES

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