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ARMER, TERRY       Married 1967       ARMER, NOAH
ARMER, TERRY       Married 1974       GRAVES, JAMES
ARMER, TERRY       Married 1977       WOODS, CHRISTOPHER
ARMER, THALA       Married 1980       VIDALES, JAMES
ARMER, THALA       Married 1990       WALLEN, MITCHELL
ARMER, THERESA       Married 1978       LOW, ROGER
ARMER, THERESA       Married 1971       WRIGHT, MARVIN
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1920       ALLRED, ARGIE
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1977       ARMER, BRENDA
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1977       BURT, BRENDA
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1935       CLARK, SARAH
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1902       COOKSON, MARY
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1879       LEE, RACHEL
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1855       MCCALLISTER, AMELIA
ARMER, THOMAS       Married 1821       RICHARDSON, AGNES
ARMER, TONI       Married 1979       ARMSTRONG, JOHNNY
ARMER, TONI       Married 1975       BULLOCK, STEVEN
ARMER, VELMA       Married 1934       MCCASLIN, PERRY

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