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ARMER, NEWEL       Married 1941       ANDERSON, VIRGINIA
ARMER, NEWEL       Married 1962       MOHLER, HELEN
ARMER, NEWELL       Married 1920       CLUGSTON, CARL
ARMER, NEWT       Married 1949       O'KELLEY, ELLEN
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1995       ARMER, ATHENA
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1967       ARMER, TERRY
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1974       DAUGHERTY, PHYLLIS
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1995       DAVIS, ATHENA
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1866       DOTY, MARY      
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1999       LASLEY, BARBARA
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1966       LEWIS, DEBRA
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1932       MAY, GLADYS
ARMER, NOAH       Married 1875       THOMPSON, ELIZA
ARMER, NOAL       Married 1967       FOSTER, TERRY
ARMER, NORMA       Married 1969       MITCHELL, EDWARD
ARMER, NORMA       Married 1993       PEERY, JULIAN
ARMER, OBAMA_LINE       Married 1871       CHILDRESS, NANCY
ARMER, OLETHA       Married 1928       SISCO, TROY

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