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ARMER, JR       Married 1975       ROGERS, ALLINE
ARMER, JULIET       Married 1969       MILLER, ADDIS
ARMER, JULIET       Married 1984       ROSEBERRY, WILLARD
ARMER, KAREN       Married 1997       BUCKNER, JASON
ARMER, KAREN       Married 1993       HILL, STEVEN
ARMER, KAREN       Married 1987       LEWIS, CHARLES
ARMER, KATHERINE       Married 1913       CUTSINGER, ELMER
ARMER, KENNETH       Married 1988       ISOM, PATTI
ARMER, KEVIN       Married 1987       ARMER, LISA
ARMER, KEVIN       Married 1987       JONES, LISA
ARMER, KINGA       Married 1981       KISSLING, DONALD
ARMER, KIRK       Married 1997       GUYNES, REBECCA
ARMER, L       Married 1976       BRANDON, EVA      
ARMER, LADONNA       Married 1975       GUTIERREZ, DANIEL
ARMER, LANCE       Married 1993       SATCHELL, RENEE
ARMER, LANDYS       Married 1951       PITTARD, HAROLD
ARMER, LARRY       Married 1977       DUNCAN, DALTRICE
ARMER, LDA       Married 1900       DUMAS, WILLIAM

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