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ARGUE, MINNIE       Married 1904       BELFORD, JOHN
ARGUE, MINNIE       Married 1919       PATTERSON, GROVE
ARGUE, MRS       Married 1791       ARGUE, GEORGE
ARGUE, MYRTLE       Married 1914       HARRIS, G
ARGUE, NORAH       Married 1933       LEE, JOHN      
ARGUE, NORMAN       Married 1955       MERRILL, LEAH
ARGUE, OLIVE       Married 1919       CALDWELL, JOS
ARGUE, OSWALD       Married 1910       YOUILL, CHRISTINA
ARGUE, OSWALD       Married 1910       YOUILL, CHRISTINE
ARGUE, OSWALD       Married 1910       YUILL, CHRISTINA
ARGUE, PATRICIA       Married 1960       MARTENS, JOHAN
ARGUE, RALPH       Married 1941       MCCLELLAN, RUTH
ARGUE, RENEE       Married 1985       LEEMAN, WAYNE
ARGUE, RICHARD       Married 1926       COOKE, ELIZABETH
ARGUE, RICHARD       Married 1891       SLATER, CATHERINE
ARGUE, ROBERT       Married 1897       ASHLEY, DAISY
ARGUE, ROBERT       Married 1939       BARKER, FLORENCE

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