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ANCIRA, ALMA       Married 1992       GIL, PEDRO
ANCIRA, ALVINO       Married 1976       SALAZAR, OLIVIA
ANCIRA, AMPARO       Married 1996       SERNA, ENRIQUE
ANCIRA, ANA       Married 1998       GARZA, ERIC
ANCIRA, ANA       Married 1823       GONZALEZ FLORES, JOSE
ANCIRA, ANASTACIA       Married 1999       ROBERTS, CORY
ANCIRA, ANDRES       Married 1986       ANCIRA, DORIS
ANCIRA, ANDRES       Married 1980       ANCIRA, ESTHER
ANCIRA, ANDRES       Married 1992       ANCIRA, TERRI
ANCIRA, ANDRES       Married 1999       GRIGGS, DORIS
ANCIRA, ANDRES       Married 1980       OCAMPO, ESTHER
ANCIRA, ANDREW       Married 1978       GORMAN, CASSANDRA
ANCIRA, ANDREW       Married 1984       LUNA, SYLVIA
ANCIRA, ANGELICA       Married 1986       MARTINEZ, JULIO
ANCIRA, ANITA       Married 1976       BOCANEGRA, JOHNNY
ANCIRA, ANNIE       Married 1983       CHAPA, PAUL
ANCIRA, ANNIE       Married 1970       NUNCIO, LEBRADO
ANCIRA, ANTONIO       Married 1997       MARTINEZ, JULIA
ANCIRA, ANTONIO       Married 1977       VAZQUEZ, ROSA

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