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ANCIEN_DESREUX, ANNA       Married 1723       BONNETT, JEAN
ANCIEN_DESREUX, MARIE       Married 1723       BONNETT, JEAN
ANCIL, ALVA       Married 1946       WHEELER, DOROTHY
ANCIL, BERNARD       Married 1941       FENSTERMAKER, MARY
ANCIL, BERT       Married 1913       LOVE, VINNIE
ANCIL, BRENDA       Married 1969       ANCIL, WILLIAM
ANCIL, CHARLES       Married 1959       HARPER, HELEN
ANCIL, ELBURN       Married 1913       LOVE, VINNIE
ANCIL, ELIZA       Married 1876       BERRY, ANDREW
ANCIL, ELLEN       Married 1875       SKINNER, GEORGE
ANCIL, EMMA       Married 1887       SELLERS, ANDREW
ANCIL, ETHEL       Married 1916       PAXSON, CHARLES
ANCIL, FLOYD       Married 1994       BROWN, EDITH
ANCIL, FRED       Married 1915       BUROKER, EDNA
ANCIL, FURM       Married 1940       BIDELER, MARY
ANCIL, FURM       Married 1916       ENGLAND, ANNA
ANCIL, G       Married 1900       DAVIS, ANNA      
ANCIL, HARRY       Married 1956       COLLINS, JOAN
ANCIL, IBBY       Married 1839       STRIBLING, TOLIVER
ANCIL, JANE       Married 1876       BERRY, ANDREW

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