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ANCISO, MARIA       Married 1683       VIGIL, FRANCISCO
ANCISO, MARIBEL       Married 1991       ALANIZ, JORGE
ANCISO, MARTIN       Married 1973       CARDENAS, MARIA
ANCISO, MELISSA       Married 1997       RAMIREZ, MARCO
ANCISO, MIGUEL       Married 1978       FLORES, SYLVIA
ANCISO, MONICA       Married 1993       KELLEY, DARREN
ANCISO, NINA       Married 2000       GARCIA, NICOLAS
ANCISO, OSCAR       Married 1990       ANCISO, LOLLIE
ANCISO, PAUL       Married 1983       ZUNIGA, MARIA
ANCISO, PEDRO       Married 1989       GONZALES, MARICELA
ANCISO, PEDRO       Married 1979       HEWTTY, PATRICIA
ANCISO, PEGGY       Married 1997       EMANUELSON, MELFORD
ANCISO, PERFECTO       Married 1975       LOPEZ, MERCEDES
ANCISO, PERFECTO       Married 1986       ZAMORA, MARICELA
ANCISO, PETRA       Married 1990       JOHNSON, TOM
ANCISO, RAMONA       Married 1979       HUNLEY, MARK
ANCISO, RICARDO       Married 1970       CASTILLO, ANNA
ANCISO, RICHARD       Married 1980       ANCISO, ANGELICA
ANCISO, RICHARD       Married 1970       ANCISO, BEATRICE
ANCISO, ROBERT       Married 1978       LADD, LAURA

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