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ANCISO, AMANDA       Married 1995       DIAZ, OSCAR
ANCISO, AMANDA       Married 2000       RAMIREZ, EDUARDO
ANCISO, AMELIA       Married 1990       CARRILLO, KENNETH
ANCISO, ANGEL       Married 1983       SHEPARD, ANGELA
ANCISO, ANGELICA       Married 1980       ANCISO, RICHARD
ANCISO, ANTONIO       Married 1999       CORTEZ, LAURA
ANCISO, ANTONIO       Married 1969       HURTADO, MARINA
ANCISO, ARMANDO       Married 1984       ANDAVERDE, IDALIA
ANCISO, ASENCION       Married 1966       OLMOS, MARIA
ANCISO, BEATRICE       Married 1970       ANCISO, RICHARD
ANCISO, CARMELA       Married 1988       ORTIZ, ARTEMIO
ANCISO, CATARINA       Married 1984       PENA, ROGELIO
ANCISO, CELESTINA       Married 1992       HERRERA, MARTIN
ANCISO, CHRISTINA       Married 1996       IBARRA, ALAN
ANCISO, CORINA       Married 1976       ALEJO, JOSE
ANCISO, CRISTY       Married 1986       ANCISO, JUAN
ANCISO, DALINDA       Married 1992       SANCHEZ, GILBERTO
ANCISO, DIANA       Married 1985       SUSTAITA, JAIME
ANCISO, DOMINGO       Married 1994       BAZALDUA, LETICIA

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