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ANCIRA, MELISSA       Married 1997       GARZA, JESSIE
ANCIRA, MERCED       Married 1971       ORTIZ, GUADALUPE
ANCIRA, MICHAEL       Married 2000       BLITON, BRANDI
ANCIRA, MONICA       Married 1999       ALLEN, LANCE
ANCIRA, MONICA       Married 1987       ANCIRA, DANNY
ANCIRA, NORMA       Married 1986       GARAY, JOHN
ANCIRA, OLGA       Married 1996       LAMB, JAMIE
ANCIRA, OSCAR       Married 1961       GARZA CHAPA, IRMA
ANCIRA, PATRICIA       Married 1982       OCHOA, JOHNNY
ANCIRA, PAUL       Married 1992       ROACH, LAURA
ANCIRA, PAULINE       Married 1971       BANKS, DARNELL
ANCIRA, PEDRO       Married 1971       ANCIRA, ROSITA
ANCIRA, PEDRO       Married 1987       ANCIRA, SONJA
ANCIRA, PEDRO       Married 1987       GONZALES, SONJA
ANCIRA, PEDRO       Married 1971       HERNANDEZ, ROSITA
ANCIRA, RACHEL       Married 1974       MENDOZA, JOE
ANCIRA, RAMON       Married 1977       RUIZ, SHIRLENE
ANCIRA, REBECA       Married 1969       ANCIRA, BENJAMIN
ANCIRA, REBECCA       Married 1990       GALIMORE, DWAYNE

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