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ANCIRA, JOSE       Married 1989       KREIG, LINDA
ANCIRA, JOSE       Married 1970       ROBLES, CARMEN
ANCIRA, JOSE       Married 1978       ROSALES, BEATRICE
ANCIRA, JUAN       Married 1991       ARRIAGA, ANDREA
ANCIRA, JUAN       Married 1993       CANALES, MIREYA
ANCIRA, JUAN       Married 1993       REYNA, ELSA
ANCIRA, JUANA       Married 1981       MORENO, CARLOS
ANCIRA, JUANITA       Married 1977       TORRES, JUAN
ANCIRA, JULIA       Married 1965       ANCIRA, HILARIO
ANCIRA, JULIA       Married 1988       ELLOUBANI, KHALED
ANCIRA, JULIE       Married 1981       HARDIN, JAMES
ANCIRA, JULIE       Married 1996       TORRES, RODRIQUEZ
ANCIRA, KIRSTEN       Married 1996       BROWN, JERMAIN
ANCIRA, LAURA       Married 1967       MCGOUGH, LARRY
ANCIRA, LAURA       Married 1974       NAGLE, EDWARD
ANCIRA, LAURA       Married 1989       NEGRETE, EDGAR
ANCIRA, LEONOR       Married 1985       SAENZ, FERMIN
ANCIRA, LETICIA       Married 1980       WIGGS, WILLIAM
ANCIRA, LILLIE       Married 1970       GARZA, LUCIANA

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