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ANAYA, ARTURO       Married 1977       NARANJO, MARY
ANAYA, ASCENCIO       Married 1808       BUSTAMANTE, MARIA
ANAYA, ASUSENA       Married 1994       MORENO, RICARDO
ANAYA, AUDELIO       Married 1981       PERALES, YOLANDA
ANAYA, AUGUSTINA       Married 1982       KNAPICK, JACK
ANAYA, AURELIO       Married 1994       VAQUERA, LORENA
ANAYA, AURORA       Married 1974       ANAYA, VICENTE
ANAYA, AURORA       Married 1990       DYER, HENRY
ANAYA, AURORA       Married 1977       SAUCEDA, GERARDO
ANAYA, BARAHONADELMY       Married 1998       AMAYA, LUIS
ANAYA, BARBARA       Married 1993       ANAYA, CHRISTOPHER
ANAYA, BARBARA       Married 1998       HILLIARD, KELLY
ANAYA, BARBARA       Married 1987       SERRANO, MARIO
ANAYA, BARTHOLOMEW       Married 1968       VALDEZ, HELEN
ANAYA, BEATRICE       Married 1975       KRUSE, LARRY
ANAYA, BEATRIZ       Married 1966       SANCHEZ, GONZALO
ANAYA, BEATRIZ       Married 1885       TRUJILLO, JOSE
ANAYA, BELINDA       Married 1995       FARLEY, JAMES
ANAYA, BELINDA       Married 1992       SALCIDO, BRUCE
ANAYA, BENIGNO       Married 1888       MONTOYA, MARIA

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