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ANAYA, ADVANA       Married 1995       ANAYA, ROBERT
ANAYA, AGUSTIN       Married 1969       ANAYA, MARIA
ANAYA, AGUSTIN       Married 1978       MILECKY, MARIA
ANAYA, AGUSTIN       Married 1997       PEREZ, ARACELI
ANAYA, AGUSTINE       Married 1969       MELIG, ALMA
ANAYA, AIDA       Married 1979       LEYVA, ROBERTO
ANAYA, AIDI       Married 1981       BUSTOS, SERGIO
ANAYA, ALALBERT       Married 1980       FUENTES, ROSA
ANAYA, ALBA       Married 1988       VIANA, JUAN
ANAYA, ALBAR_OR       Married 1828       GOMEZ, LUGARDA
ANAYA, ALBERT       Married 1980       ANAYA, ROSA
ANAYA, ALBERT       Married 1996       GARCIA, LILLIAN
ANAYA, ALBERT       Married 1980       MONTANO, LEONOR
ANAYA, ALBERT       Married 1969       QUINTERO, BETTY
ANAYA, ALEJANDRO       Married 1996       RODRIGUEZ, JUDY
ANAYA, ALEX       Married 1997       MAGALLANES, CLAUDIA
ANAYA, ALFONSO       Married 1985       SALGADO, IRMA
ANAYA, ALFREDO       Married 1981       ANAYA, MARIA
ANAYA, ALFREDO       Married 1981       SOLIS, MARIA

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