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ANDEL, SHERI       Married 1990       HARRINGTON, CECIL
ANDEL, SHERI       Married 1993       MCINTIRE, STEVEN
ANDEL, SHERRY       Married 1983       ANDEL, BRIAN
ANDEL, STEVEN       Married 1980       MAREK, CHARLOTTE
ANDEL, TIM       Married 1963       ANDEL, MARY
ANDEL, TIM       Married 1988       ARAQUE, HELEN
ANDEL, VACLAV       Married 1883       STANEK, ANNA
ANDEL, VACLAV       Married 1868       ZISKA, MARIE
ANDEL, VAN       Married 1240       ARKEL, JAN
ANDEL, VERONICA       Married 1970       KENDRICK, RANZY
ANDEL, VINCENT       Married 1995       NELSON, SYLVIA
ANDEL, WANDA       Married 1987       ANDEL, BRUNO
ANDEL, WANDA       Married 1994       HARRISON, RANDY
ANDEL, WENZL       Married 1886       FAUSKA, ANNIE
ANDEL, WILLIAM       Married 1939       AMMANN, JESSE
ANDEL, WILLIAM       Married 1973       JOHNSON, LYNNE
ANDEL, WILLIAM       Married 1950       RERUCHA, MARY
ANDEL, WILLIAM       Married 1923       SEDLACEK, EMMA
ANDEL, WILLIAM       Married 1992       VICK, LISA
ANDEL, YDA       Married 1240       ARKEL, JAN

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