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ANDEL, KATHLEEN       Married 1990       STONE, DANIEL
ANDEL, KATHY       Married 1977       ANDEL, RICHARD
ANDEL, KELLY       Married 1982       JAHNS, JOHN
ANDEL, KENNETH       Married 1963       ANDEL, NORMA
ANDEL, KENNETH       Married 1980       WILLIAMS, JUDY
ANDEL, KIMBERLY       Married 1985       HARDY, CURTIS
ANDEL, KIMBERLY       Married 1993       KJERGAARD, CURTIS
ANDEL, KIMBERLY       Married 1983       WIGGINS, DAVID
ANDEL, LEW       Married 1899       DOSTAL, EMMA
ANDEL, LINDA       Married 1981       ANDEL, BILLY
ANDEL, LINDA       Married 1981       ANDEL, GERALD
ANDEL, LINDA       Married 1993       BARGAS, BIBIAN
ANDEL, LINDA       Married 1977       DESHAZO, MATTHEW
ANDEL, LISA       Married 1991       PARK, RICHARD
ANDEL, LISA       Married 1980       WEST, STANLEY
ANDEL, LOUIS       Married 1923       JANAK, VERONICA
ANDEL, LOUIS       Married 1923       SEDLACEK, EMMA
ANDEL, LUDVIK       Married 1899       DOSTAL, EMMA
ANDEL, MAMIE       Married 1902       FISCHER, BENJAMIN
ANDEL, MARIE       Married 1968       ALFORD, GEORGE

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