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ANDEL, GEORGE       Married 1991       SPINE, SANDRA
ANDEL, GEORGE       Married 1864       TOMANEK, APOLENA
ANDEL, GEORGIA       Married 1974       WEATHERS, ROBERT
ANDEL, GERALD       Married 1981       ANDEL, LINDA
ANDEL, GERALD       Married 1981       HUTYRA, LINDA
ANDEL, GERALDINE       Married 1980       WHITE, ROBERT
ANDEL, HEIDI       Married 1994       ANDEL, JOHNNY
ANDEL, HENRY       Married 1925       ANDEL, EMILY
ANDEL, HERMAN       Married 1880       FIDLER, BARBARA
ANDEL, HERMAN       Married 1875       SIEBOLT, MENANNA
ANDEL, III       Married 1991       SPINE, SANDRA
ANDEL, IRENE       Married 1950       SVOBODA, CYRIL
ANDEL, JACQUELINE       Married 1972       ANDEL, EDWARD
ANDEL, JAMES       Married 1892       JANA, MARIA
ANDEL, JAMES       Married 1894       SOBOLIK, KATHERINE
ANDEL, JAN       Married 1889       ZEITHAMMER, VALENTINA
ANDEL, JANE       Married 1950       SVOBODA, CYRIL
ANDEL, JEANNIE       Married 1991       CORBITT, BRIAN
ANDEL, JOE       Married 1919       SEDLACEK, ANNA

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