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ANDEL, ANDREA       Married 1985       REUTZEL, KENNETH
ANDEL, ANDREW       Married 1976       WLECZYK, JANET
ANDEL, ANN       Married 1953       SMOLA, EUGENE
ANDEL, ANNA       Married 1805       BAUSCHKA, FRANTISEK
ANDEL, ANNE       Married 1911       CMOLIK, FRANK
ANDEL, ANNIE       Married 1883       KVECH, MATHIAS
ANDEL, ANNIE       Married 1892       REZABEK, JOHN
ANDEL, ANTON       Married 1950       RERUCHA, MARY
ANDEL, BARBARA       Married 1976       BEARDEN, WILLIAM
ANDEL, BEKKILIN       Married 1974       ANDEL, JOHNNY
ANDEL, BERNICE       Married 1968       BOYER, ELWOOD
ANDEL, BILL       Married 1950       RERUCHA, MARY
ANDEL, BILLY       Married 1981       ANDEL, LINDA
ANDEL, BILLY       Married 1981       GUTHRIE, LINDA
ANDEL, BRENDA       Married 1972       ANDEL, PATRICK
ANDEL, BRENDA       Married 1985       GUTIERREZ, ABRAM
ANDEL, BRENDA       Married 1975       NUSPLIGER, CHARLES
ANDEL, BRIAN       Married 1983       ANDEL, SHERRY
ANDEL, BRIAN       Married 1992       FRENCH, ANDREA
ANDEL, BRIAN       Married 1983       HENDERSON, SHERRY

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