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AL, AAGJE       to       AL, AHMAD
AL, AHMAD       to       AL, ALI
AL, ALI       to       AL, AMAWWI
AL, AMEER       to       AL, ARIDE
AL, ARIDE       to       AL, ATASSI
AL, ATEEQI       to       AL, AZM
AL, AZM       to       AL, BASHA
AL, BASHA       to       AL, BOJERMI
AL, CHEREE       to       AL, DAKKOUR
AL, DAKKOUR       to       AL, DIAB
AL, DIAB       to       AL, ELVIA
AL, EMAM       to       AL, FOUNTAIN
AL, FRANCES       to       AL, GHUSSEIN
AL, GHUSSEIN       to       AL, HAJ
AL, HAJ       to       AL, HARANKI
AL, HARARI       to       AL, HAYEK
AL, HEIDI       to       AL, IMAM
AL, IMAM       to       AL, JAMMAL
AL, JAN       to       AL, JILANI
AL, JILL       to       AL, KATHERINE
AL, KATHLEEN       to       AL, KHALIL
AL, KHALIL       to       AL, KHOURY
AL, KHOURY       to       AL, LATIF
AL, LATIF       to       AL, LISA

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