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AKRIDGE, JOSEPH       Married 1877       SEGREST, MAGGIE
AKRIDGE, JUDY       Married 1990       HORN, BRITT
AKRIDGE, JUDY       Married 1969       JORDAN, HOWARD
AKRIDGE, JUDY       Married 1985       SEGREST, RICKY
AKRIDGE, JULIA       Married 1990       BIERBAUM, HUBERT
AKRIDGE, JULIAN       Married 1959       SMITH, CARRIE
AKRIDGE, KAREN       Married 1989       FORD, RANDY
AKRIDGE, KAREN       Married 1976       TRIPP, MICHAEL
AKRIDGE, KATIE       Married 1959       HORNSBY, JAMES
AKRIDGE, KENDRA       Married 1980       AKRIDGE, JAY
AKRIDGE, LAURA       Married 1898       GILLIARD, WILLIAM
AKRIDGE, LAVINDA       Married 1854       WELCH, WILLIAM
AKRIDGE, LEEVES       Married 1959       AKRIDGE, SHERRIE
AKRIDGE, LENA       Married 1936       GREEN, WILLIAM
AKRIDGE, LEO       Married 1978       AKRIDGE, CATHY
AKRIDGE, LEO       Married 1978       PARKS, CATHY
AKRIDGE, LERNON       Married 1965       AKRIDGE, BETTY
AKRIDGE, LERNON       Married 1989       SCHULZ, JOAN

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