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AKESSON, NILS       Married 1784       OLASDOTTER, HANNA
AKESSON, NILS       Married 1762       OLOFSSON, SISSA
AKESSON, NILS       Married 1726       OLUFSDOTTER, BENGTA
AKESSON, NILS       Married 1724       PERSSON, BOEL
AKESSON, NILS       Married 1734       PERSSON, SISSA
AKESSON, NILS       Married 1731       SVENSSON, KIERSTIN
AKESSON, OGISSON       Married 1641       AKESSON, BENGTA
AKESSON, OGISSON       Married 1643       AKESSON, MRS
AKESSON, OLA       Married 1889       HOLMES, ELLA
AKESSON, OLA       Married 1875       JAKOBSSON, HANNA
AKESSON, OLA       Married 1788       JEPPESSON, MERRIDA
AKESSON, OLA       Married 1733       JONSDOTTER, HANNA

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