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AJMAL, MOHAMMAD       Married 1986       CARRASCO, DEBORAH
AJMAL, MOHAMMED       Married 1986       AJMAL, DVORAH
AJMAL, MOHAMMED       Married 1983       AJMAL, FRELA
AJMAL, MOHAMMED       Married 1983       FERRELL, FRELA
AJMAL, MOHAMMED       Married 1990       MILLER, PEGGY
AJMANDY, MATTIE       Married 1845       SANDERS, WILLIAM
AJMANI, SURAINDER       Married 2000       JOHN, JESSICA
AJMANI, VIVEK       Married 1996       SAINI, PREETI
AJMEERE, KAZI       Married 1996       AZIZ, KAZI
AJMERA, DANNY       Married 1976       AJMERA, NILA
AJMERA, NAVIN       Married 1987       CASSIDY, MARY
AJMERA, NILA       Married 1976       AJMERA, DANNY
AJMERA, SAMEER       Married 2000       BAHL, GEETA
AJMERA, SUSHILA       Married 1982       PARIKH, GAUTAM
AJMERI, FAUZIA       Married 1996       SHAIKH, FIROZ
AJNASSIAN, RAHMAT       Married 1984       WIENER, CARRIE
AJO, ANNE       Married 1986       ZERDA, JOHN      
AJO, JUDITH       Married 1986       VINTON, ELOY
AJO, PEDRO       Married 1994       PLACENCIA, RITA
AJO, TERESA       Married 2000       GONZALEZ, DAVID

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