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AHREND, JOHANNE       Married 1836       BLAVIER, KARL
AHREND, JOHANNE       Married 1890       LUDWIG, HEINRICH
AHREND, JOHANNE       Married 1882       SCHLOSS, CASPAR
AHREND, JOHANNE       Married 1857       SCHROEDER, JOHANN
AHREND, JOHN       Married 1867       TROUTMAN, LYDIA
AHREND, JON       Married 1968       BLACK, CAROLYN
AHREND, JOSIE       Married 1919       BURMAN, HARRY
AHREND, JUERGEN       Married 1760       GAVEN, ANNA
AHREND, JUERGEN       Married 1765       GAVEN, ANNA
AHREND, JUSTINE       Married 1839       BIRKHOLZ, JOHANN
AHREND, LILY       Married 1914       MAINS, GUY
AHREND, LISA       Married 1995       OAKLEY, KENT
AHREND, LISA       Married 1987       PHENIX, GLENN
AHREND, LORI       Married 1990       AHREND, ERIC
AHREND, MARIA       Married 1880       KARN, JOHANNES
AHREND, MARIA       Married 1824       KIDMANN, JOHANN
AHREND, MARIE       Married 1834       HOLZ, FRIEDERICH
AHREND, MARIE       Married 1824       KITTMANN, JOHANN
AHREND, MARIE       Married 1918       SCHRADER, WILLIAM

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