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AHL, REUBEN       Married 1951       BOSWORTH, DOROTHY
AHL, REUBEN       Married 1924       HECKATHORN, DOROTHY
AHL, REX       Married 1960       SHELLENBERGER, LILLIAN
AHL, ROBERT       Married 1922       UPLEGER, FLORENCE
AHL, ROSCOE       Married 1907       CURTIS, ROSETTE
AHL, ROSINA       Married 1845       FISCHER, MICHAEL
AHL, SAM       Married 1890       MATTINGLY, ELLEN
AHL, SAMUEL       Married 1904       MATTINGLY, ELLEN
AHL, SARAH       Married 1867       FURROW, JOHN
AHL, SARAH       Married 1905       JOHNSON, JOHN
AHL, SOFIA       Married 1891       STRANDBERG, FRANK
AHL, SOPHIA       Married 1881       NELSON, ANDREW
AHL, STEFANIE       Married 1980       TRIANA, RODRIGUEZ
AHL, STINA       Married 1824       LINDROOS, GUSTAF
AHL, SUSAN       Married 1871       ALDRIDGE, FRITANO
AHL, SVEN       Married 1797       PERSDOTTER, KATARINA
AHL, THERESA       Married 1906       KRANTZ, MARCUS
AHL, THOMAS       Married 1903       MYRICK, FLORENCE
AHL, THOMAS       Married 1999       WILLOUGHBY, JENNIFER
AHL, TIMOTHY       Married 1984       AHL, TINA

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