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AHITUB, MERAIOTH       Married 1101       AMARIAH, AHITUB
AHITUB, MERAIOTH       Married 1080       UNKNOWN, WIFE
AHITUB, MESHULLAM       Married 1082       AHITUB, ZADOK
AHITUB, ZADOK       Married 1082       AHITUB, MESHULLAM
AHITUB, ZADOK       Married 1082       UNKNOWN, MESHULLAM
AHITUB, ZADOK       Married 1082       ZADOK, MESHULLAM
AHIU, KAILI       Married 1921       KAIO, NEWMAN
AHIU, KEANI       Married 1921       KAIO, NEWMAN
AHIVAREZ, MARIA       Married 1996       ZAMORA, ALFONSO
AHJOURAN, LOUIS       Married 1706       DESCHAMPS, JEANNE
AHKE, MAYOLA       Married 1970       PENNINGTON, SAMUEL
AHKEAHBO, CAROL       Married 1971       REDBIRD, NELSON
AHKEN, CHRISTINE       Married 1775       NOHTHOLTZ, CARL
AHKEN, LOUISE       Married 1775       NOHTHOLTZ, CARL
AHKIBULA, ASHANTI       Married 1997       BRAGG, REGENIA
AHKIN, ADELINE       Married 1931       BUCKLEY, STEVEN
AHKIN, ALICE       Married 1931       BUCKLEY, STEVEN
AHKOLIK, GORDON       Married 1969       AHKOLIK, PAULA
AHKOLIK, PAULA       Married 1969       AHKOLIK, GORDON
AHKOTHE, JOSE       Married 1990       CORTINAS, BERTHA

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