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AHIER, JACQUES       Married 1681       QUENAULT, MARIE
AHIER, JAMES       Married 1861       ALMOND, ANN
AHIER, JAMES       Married 1801       BROTHERTON, ISABELLA
AHIER, JAMES       Married 1805       BROTHERTON, ISABELLA
AHIER, JAMES       Married 1821       CHEDORE, MARY
AHIER, JAMES       Married 1821       MARTIN, MARIE
AHIER, JANE       Married 1850       BLAIS, JACQUES
AHIER, JANE       Married 1856       LABEY, PHILIPPE
AHIER, JANE       Married 1861       LEMMONIER, CHARLES
AHIER, JANE       Married 1830       POWERS, WILLIAM
AHIER, JANE       Married 1895       ROBIN, CHARLES
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1636       COLLY, MARIE
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1636       COLY, MARIE
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1594       FALLE, MARIE
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1631       GODEL, MABEL
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1604       LE TUBELIN, ESTHER
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1644       LE TUBELIN, THOMASSE
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1585       VALPY, MARIE
AHIER, JEAN       Married 1740       YDEN, ANNE
AHIER, JEANNE       Married 1814       DE LA MARE, FRANCOIS

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