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AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1985       STULTZ, SHERIE
AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1898       SUGRUE, ELLEN
AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1892       SULLIVAN, DEBORAH
AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1855       UNKNOWN, ANN
AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1986       WALSH, HEATHER
AHERN, MICHAEL       Married 1972       ZVONIK, MARGARET
AHERN, MIKE       Married 1875       BUCKLEY, CATHERINE
AHERN, MILDRED       Married 1925       SAWYER, RICHARD
AHERN, MINNIE       Married 1886       GIBBONS, WALTER
AHERN, MINNIE       Married 1902       GILLELAND, HARVEY
AHERN, MORRIS       Married 1998       FREID, HANNAH
AHERN, MRS       Married 1880       LENNOX, EDWARD
AHERN, NANCY       Married 1938       KLOCKE, RALPH
AHERN, NANCY       Married 1907       WING, ALVA
AHERN, NANCY       Married 1898       WRIGHT, ANTHONY
AHERN, NELLIE       Married 1880       HIGHLAND, HENRY
AHERN, NELLIE       Married 1892       MORRIS, CHARLES
AHERN, NELLIE       Married 1893       MORRISSY, JAMES
AHERN, NELLIE       Married 1882       MURPHY, THOMAS
AHERN, NICHOLAS       Married 1888       HARTFORD, MARY

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