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AHRENS, LARRY       Married 1974       REEH, MARTHA
AHRENS, LAURA       Married 1984       ERICKSON, JOHN
AHRENS, LAURA       Married 1941       LIEBERS, FRED
AHRENS, LAURA       Married 1989       MERRITT, CHARLETON
AHRENS, LAURA       Married 1997       SHEWMAKE, PAUL
AHRENS, LAVERNE       Married 1946       GARDNER, WALTER
AHRENS, LAWRENCE       Married 1954       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
AHRENS, LEAH       Married 1982       GOMEZ, ADOLFO
AHRENS, LEAH       Married 1976       JOHNDROW, CLAYTON
AHRENS, LEE       Married 1937       AHRENS, HENRIETTE
AHRENS, LELA       Married 1954       AHRENS, ALBERT
AHRENS, LELAND       Married 1924       MANIFOLD, NETTIE
AHRENS, LELAND       Married 1942       STATE, MERIDITH
AHRENS, LELAND       Married 1996       WILCOXSON, ANITA
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1893       KRUSE, CARL
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1876       LORENZ, JOACHIM
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1907       LUCKENBACH, EUGENE
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1880       NIEDHOLDT, ALBERT
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1883       SCHUMACHER, AUGUST
AHRENS, LENA       Married 1896       SMITH, WILLIAM

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