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AHMANN, ADA       Married 1946       BREHE, GEORGE
AHMANN, ADAM       Married 1918       WILMSMEYER, ANTONIA
AHMANN, ADELE       Married 1964       BOGE, KENNETH
AHMANN, AHMANN       Married 1950       COWLES, IVAN
AHMANN, ALBERT       Married 1935       MEYER, EUNICE
AHMANN, ALMA       Married 1949       HICKOX, MALVIN
AHMANN, ALPHONSE       Married 1910       BACKES, ROSE
AHMANN, ALVIN       Married 1947       BROWN, LORRAINE
AHMANN, ALVIN       Married 1947       LORRAINE, UNKNOWN
AHMANN, ALVINE       Married 1901       TAYLOR, WILLIAM
AHMANN, ANN       Married 1956       SHAW, REECE
AHMANN, ANNA       Married 1910       BUERMANN, FRIEDERICH
AHMANN, ANNA       Married 1902       PAULSMEYER, LOUIS
AHMANN, ANNA       Married 1734       TIEMANN, HERMAN
AHMANN, ANNETTE       Married 1929       HOLLENBECK, HARRY
AHMANN, ANTON       Married 1906       MUENCH, CHRISTINE
AHMANN, ANTON       Married 1906       MÜNCH, CHRISTINA
AHMANN, AUDREY       Married 1948       EICHOLZ, GEORGE
AHMANN, AUGUST       Married 1892       KNOEPKER, AMELIA
AHMANN, AUGUST       Married 1925       MITTLER, VERNA

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