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AHMAD, WAQAR       Married 1961       BARRETT, ROSEMARY
AHMAD, WASIM       Married 1982       AHMAD, LORI
AHMAD, WASIM       Married 1994       NISA, SHAMSA
AHMAD, YASMEEN       Married 1978       SIDDIQUI, IDRAM
AHMAD, YASMEIN       Married 2000       AL, DOMOUR
AHMAD, YASMIN       Married 1997       NASEEM, ARIF
AHMAD, YOUSEF       Married 1997       AHMAD, SUSAN
AHMAD, YOUSEF       Married 1999       BRANNON, PATTY
AHMAD, YOUSEF       Married 1997       LEBLANC, SUSAN
AHMAD, YVONNE       Married 1974       AHMAD, ABDUAL
AHMAD, YVONNE       Married 1995       AHMAD, SAJJAD
AHMAD, ZAFAR       Married 1988       AHMAD, DEBBIE
AHMAD, ZAFAR       Married 1986       AHMAD, NATALIE
AHMAD, ZAFAR       Married 1971       HERAWI, ASHRAFA
AHMAD, ZAFAR       Married 1986       RAJNOCH, NATALIE
AHMAD, ZAFAR       Married 1988       REYNOLDS, DEBBIE
AHMAD, ZAHEER       Married 1981       AHMAD, CATHLEEN
AHMAD, ZAHEER       Married 1981       JOHNSON, CATHLEEN
AHMAD, ZAHIR       Married 1996       AZUCENA, LUZ
AHMAD, ZAKARIA       Married 1997       ROLLINS, AMANDA

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