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AHMAD, NASEER       Married 1996       CASTLEMAN, LANA
AHMAD, NASEER       Married 1995       WEAVER, JAMIE
AHMAD, NASHAT       Married 1999       CARREON, ELIZABETH
AHMAD, NASIHA       Married 1965       AHMAD, SYED
AHMAD, NASIM       Married 1975       AHMAD, PEGGY
AHMAD, NASIM       Married 1978       RUSH, CYNTHIA
AHMAD, NASIM       Married 1975       WALT, PEGGY
AHMAD, NASIMA       Married 1988       DEPLAZA, LAURENCE
AHMAD, NASIRUD       Married 1989       NAIM, ASHIRA
AHMAD, NATALIE       Married 1986       AHMAD, ZAFAR
AHMAD, NAUMAN       Married 1990       AHMAD, MAUREEN
AHMAD, NAUMAN       Married 1995       GONZALEZ, FANNY
AHMAD, NAUMAN       Married 2000       MUSTAFA, TEHMINA
AHMAD, NAUSHERWAN       Married 1986       ORTH, MARGARET
AHMAD, NAVEED       Married 1986       AHMAD, JACQUELIN
AHMAD, NAVEED       Married 1992       MCCAULEY, SHERRYL
AHMAD, NAZIR       Married 1983       AHMAD, DEBORAH
AHMAD, NAZIR       Married 2000       AKBAR, AREZO
AHMAD, NAZIR       Married 1983       FONTENOT, DEBORAH
AHMAD, NEAZ       Married 1999       MEMON, ALIYA

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