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ADAM, MENGEL       Married 1885       LEIBY, SAMUEL
ADAM, MENGEL       Married 1896       MOLL, BENJAMIN
ADAM, MENGEL       Married 1879       SCHAPPELL, CLARA
ADAM, MENGEL       Married 1902       SMITH, JOSEPH
ADAM, MERCEDES       Married 1917       BESSETTE, OLIVA
ADAM, MERCEDES       Married 1917       BESSETTE, OVILA
ADAM, MERCER       Married 1891       BROWN, FRANCES
ADAM, MERCER       Married 1863       GIBSON, JANE
ADAM, MERIE       Married 1854       FRANE, ALEXIS
ADAM, MERSON       Married 1952       KEIJZER, SIJGGIE
ADAM, MERVIN       Married 1946       BATWAY, DELORES
ADAM, MESTRE       Married 1704       DUBOIS, CHARLES

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