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ADAM, KARL       Married 1944       VORWERK, ERNA
ADAM, KARLA       Married 1998       TRUSLER, BLAKE
ADAM, KARL_CHRISTIAN       Married 1905       TRIER, NELLY
ADAM, KAROLINA       Married 1983       DICKERSON, JOHN
ADAM, KAROLINA       Married 1936       KOGUT, ADAM
ADAM, KAROLINA       Married 1862       KUHLMAN, JOHANN
ADAM, KAROLINA       Married 1899       SCHAUER, KARL
ADAM, KAROLINE       Married 1878       HAHN, ANDREAS
ADAM, KAROLINE       Married 1904       SCHICHTEL, ADAM
ADAM, KAROLINE       Married 1905       SCHICHTEL, ADAM
ADAM, KAROLINE       Married 1905       SCHICHTEL, ANTON
ADAM, KATE       Married 1893       ADAM, AMANDUS

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