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ADAM, BRUCE       Married 1921       STITT, HELEN
ADAM, BRUNO       Married 1916       COSSETTE, FLORIDA
ADAM, BRUNO       Married 1872       KIRCHEIS, JOHANNE
ADAM, BRYAN       Married 1994       ACOSTA, BRENDA
ADAM, BRYAN       Married 1979       DREISS, RENEE
ADAM, C       Married 1961       COSSETTE, R       in
ADAM, C       Married 1943       MASSICOTTE, J      
ADAM, CALIXTE       Married 1893       ASSELIN, ALPHONSINE
ADAM, CALIXTE       Married 1880       DESPINS, NAPOLEON
ADAM, CALIXTE       Married 1880       DESPINS, NAPOLÉON
ADAM, CALVIN       Married 1929       EPTING, EVA
ADAM, CALVIN       Married 1979       GILL, PEGGY

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