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AAGAARD, JUST       Married 1781       HALLING, MARIE
AAGAARD, KAREN       Married 1849       ANDERSEN, ANDERS
AAGAARD, KAREN       Married 1793       TERKELSEN, MORTEN
AAGAARD, KARL       Married 1848       BERGVIN, JOHANNE
AAGAARD, KARL       Married 1864       OLSEN, ANNA
AAGAARD, KIRSTINE       Married 1676       MOTH, MATHIAS
AAGAARD, LAURIDS       Married 1678       VEDEL, ELISABET
AAGAARD, LAURITS       Married 1682       BROCHMANN, ANNA
AAGAARD, LAURITS       Married 1608       SCHYTTE, MAREN
AAGAARD, LAURITZ       Married 1700       BROCHMANN, ANNA
AAGAARD, LAURITZ       Married 1896       DUGAN, ELLEN
AAGAARD, LAURITZ       Married 1737       IBSDATTER, MAREN

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