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AAFET, KRISTI       Married 1788       TJONN, OLA
AAFET, KRISTI       Married 1841       VAAGNES, THOMAS
AAFET, LASSE       Married 1749       BOYUM, BRITA
AAFET, LASSE       Married 1816       TVEITEN, MARTA
AAFET, SIGRID       Married 1861       BERDAHL, OLA
AAFET, SYNNEVA       Married 1845       TVEITEN, OLA
AAFET, UNNI       Married 1778       SKEIE, KNUT
AAFJE, SIEGER       Married 1911       PETER, MESTER
AAFJE KLAASDR, AALTJE       Married 1876       OLFERS, JAN
AAFJE KLAASDR, AALTJE       Married 1889       TOL, KLAAS
AAFJES, HENDRIKA       Married 1920       VAN HERK, ANDRIES
AAFJES, JEANNE       Married 1954       TERPSTRA, JOHAN
AAFJES, WILLEM       Married 1946       BAKKER, CORNELIA

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