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AARON, CLARENCE       Married 1922       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
AARON, CLARENCE       Married 1937       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
AARON, CLARICE       Married 1992       BROADNAX, J
AARON, CLARICE       Married 1940       GRANT, COOLIDGE
AARON, CLARICE       Married 1970       PITTS, ERNEST
AARON, CLARIECE       Married 1966       LOUDERMILK, RALPH
AARON, CLARIECE       Married 1999       MCKINNEY, GARLAND
AARON, CLARISSA       Married 1952       FRY, CECIL
AARON, CLARK       Married 1853       LIGHT, MARTHA
AARON, CLAUD       Married 1974       GODWIN, SHERRY
AARON, CLAUD       Married 1940       STUCKEY, FRONIE
AARON, CLAUDE       Married 1928       GOODE, GLADYS
AARON, CLAUDE       Married 1968       SOLARCZYK, PATRICIA

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