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AARON, BARRY       Married 1972       DURHAM, MARY
AARON, BARRY       Married 1975       HARTSHORN, KALLULU
AARON, BARRY       Married 1997       ISACKS, KRISTI
AARON, BARRY       Married 1977       JONES, LAWANDA
AARON, BARRY       Married 1979       NESBITT, ANGELIA
AARON, BARRY       Married 1990       WEBB, CHYRL
AARON, BART       Married 1946       C, IRENE      
AARON, BEATRICE       Married 1930       JOHNSON, SANFORD
AARON, BEATRICE       Married 1960       SINK, HOYLE
AARON, BEATRICE       Married 1975       SVIDLOW, WILLIAM
AARON, BELINDA       Married 1972       BLACK, WILL
AARON, BELINDA       Married 1979       HEATH, JOHNNY
AARON, BELINDA       Married 1973       MARKHAM, BILLY

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