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AACHEN, WILGERIC       Married 0890       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
AACHEN, WILHELM       Married 1158       AACHEN, WILHELM
AACHEN, WILLEHARI       Married 0654       AACHEN, UNKNOWN
AACHER, OBADIAH       Married 1867       LEFRAND, ELIZA
AACHTE, HERMAN       Married 1898       BONTIES, ANNA
AACKERLUND, THOR       Married 2000       LAIRD, TINA
AACKNEY, JUAN       Married 1882       HADDEN, LURA
AADAHL, BERTHA       Married 1895       DULLUM, PETER
AADAHL, BERTINA       Married 1895       DULLUM, PETER
AADAL, ANDERSEN       Married 1870       STILLESBY, HELENE
AADAL, ANDERSEN       Married 1859       SUKKEN, JULIANNE
AADAL, AUGUST       Married 1881       HEEN, AUGUSTA

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