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A, ANNA       to       A, ANNA
A, ANNA       to       A, ANNE
A, ANNE       to       A, ANNIE
A, ANNIE       to       A, ANNIE
A, ARABINE       to       A, ARNETTE
A, ARTEMETIA       to       A, ASTRID
A, ATHA       to       A, AUGUSTA
A, AUGUSTA       to       A, B
A, B       to       A, BARBARA
A, BARBARA       to       A, BARBARA
A, BARBARY       to       A, BEATRICE
A, BECKY       to       A, BELLE
A, BELLE       to       A, BERNICE
A, BERSHIE       to       A, BERTHA
A, BERTHA       to       A, BERTHA
A, BERTHA       to       A, BERYL
A, BERYL       to       A, BESSIE
A, BESSIE       to       A, BETSEY
A, BETSEY       to       A, BETSY
A, BETSY       to       A, BEULA
A, BEULAH       to       A, BIRDIE
A, BITTIE       to       A, BRADLEY
A, BRIDGET       to       A, CALISTIA
A, CALLIE       to       A, CAROL

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