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Genealogy Accessories and Research Aids

  • U.S. Map Collection, 1513-1990 This database is a collection of maps detailing land areas that comprise the present United States. It contains a variety of maps created for different scopes and purposes, including political and geographical, and covers various years ranging from 1513-1990.

  • Reference and Resource Aids Reference materials, including dictionaries, maps, and gazetteers, help family historians find and understand genealogical records. This collection also includes many resource guides to numerous localities, like The Red Book and The Source.

  • Guides and Manuals The aids most helpful to beginning genealogists are:
    • The Handybook for Genealogists
    • The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy
    • The Complete Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program

  • Organize Your Genealogy Use this organizational kit to start your genealogy the right way. It doesn't take long to have gathered so much information that you have difficulty finding it among the piles of books, papers, and documents that you have saved. The organizational system, using this kit, will make it possible for you to find any part of your research in seconds. For free instructions on how to use the kit, click here.

  • Forms for Recording Your Research Specific forms can help the genealogist conduct research in a more orderly fashion. These forms are designed to assist in all parts of the research process in a wide variety of ways. If you are a beginning genealogist, see the beginner's list of forms. If you are an advanced or professional researcher, please see the professional list of forms.

  • Census Timeline Tracking Sheets - 20 Pack This form designed for tracking an ancestor across several census years, beginning with the census years 1850 through 1930, when all individuals in a household are listed.

  • KinScribe - Cemetery Transcription Notepad The cemetery notepad comes with (4) cemetery identification sheets, (100) tombstone transcription sheets and (1) tip sheet.

  • Victorian Victorian "Our Family Tree Our Family Tree is a beautiful 16" x 20" print that allows five generations of family genealogy to be displayed. Printed on antique-style recycled paper, this Victorian-inspired decorative print is one that any family would proudly display. The illustrated borders are closely based on mid-19th century sources. Instructions for researching and completing the print are on the back.

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